Price & EU VAT UPDATE: 1.07.2021

Price increase starting 1st of July 2021: Dear Customers and Visitors, with the increase in Commodity- (mostly Aluminium) and transport costs, we sadly have to increase our prices on all our wheels. Our Factory in Japan has increased on average the price by 30 Euros by Wheel and we've added this 1 to 1 to our current prices. Accessories and other parts remain mostly unchanged. This is our first price increase since 2015 and we ask you to bear with us and excuse us for this inconvenience.

No more EU VAT included in our prices: Another curveball has been thrown at us since the first of July 2021. New Laws for the EU regarding VAT (Value added Tax, 19% in Germany). The European Union has decided to complicate a very useful system: We are no longer allowed to sell VAT included to our customers around the EU, or to be precise: outside of Germany (for the moment). This means that our website is now showing all prices excluding VAT and in spite of the price increase, the prices will be shown lower than before (without 19% VAT, as shown previously). Up until now, we could sell to all our customers in Europe including 19% VAT, since we are legally based in Germany. However, this is no longer possible anymore and we must sell Excluding VAT from now on. You will have to pay the local VAT in your own respective countries. Once again, this isn't our fault, but please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

What changes for you?

Private Customers (EU, excluding Germany): From now on, you buy from our website excluding VAT and you will be invoiced the VAT once the goods reach your country of destination (before or after receiving the goods, this depends on your country and the shipping company used). Please make sure to check your local VAT percentage so you can know exactly what is your final price and avoid surprises.

Private Customers in Germany: nothing changes for you, You can still buy including 19% VAT.

Business Customers: Nothing changes if you already were buying from us EX VAT (when owning a valid EU VAT Number). Same as the private customers, you buy from our website excluding VAT and you will be invoiced the VAT once the goods reach your country of destination. Please make sure to check your local VAT Laws to avoid any trouble.

COVID 19 UPDATE: 22.04.2021

Currently, Shipping products out of our Warehouse in Europe will not generate any noticeable delays to our European and Swiss customers. However, due to the lack of Air Freight services available at the moment, supplies usually coming in from Japan will not be able to be shipped by Air Freight. This means that all shipments are shipped in larger quantities by sea-freight (Approx. 5 Weeks transit). We are doing our best to have enough stock to be able to offer immediate shipping but given the circumstances, we thank you in advance for your comprehension. If you need further assistance regarding delays or fitment inquiries, our after-sales team awaits your phone call or emails in a usual manner (within regular business hours):

+41 21 784 5050

Email Contact Form

UK Customers & BREXIT UPDATE: 01.01.2021

Dear UK Based customers. Due to New Brexit regulations, it isn't possible for us to ship your goods to the UK with our regular DPD shipping method anymore. We will be shipping these through Fedex and the price of Shipping will go from 80Euros to 120Euros for a full set of 4 Wheels and their accessories (nuts, caps, rings). Also, since the UK isn't part of the EU, we cannot sell you the goods including VAT and Custom duties like we used to be able to do. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is beyond our control and new regulations have created these new complications.

How will it go from here? Basically, you will be purchasing the Wheels EX VAT on our website (the VAT disappears when you enter a FULL UK SHIPPING ADDRESS). When the goods are shipped and enter the UK, you will be invoiced VAT (20%) and Custom duties (variable, but roughly 5%) upon reception through FEDEX. Please take this into account when you place an order!


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We also carry all Superstar Wheels, such as Leon Hardiritt, Chevlon Racing, Pure Spirits...

When browsing through our products, make sure to check if they are in stock. We generally have one shipment arriving every month with orders being placed at the end of every month. If you are interested by products that aren't in stock, make sure to place your order 1 week before the end of the month to make it on the upcoming shipment.* 

*Within availabilty of Japanese stocks. Please ask if you need confirmation.

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Weds Wheels are imported and distributed by Hanshin-Imports Ltd. Liab. Corp to Europe.

We are based in Switzerland and we chose Switzerland for its central geographical  location and facilitation to distribute products around Europe.

Hanshin-Imports has fiscal representation in Germany, in other words a German VAT number DE314599911 and is able to ship/sell goods easily around Europe (with prices including German 19% VAT).

If you are a Automotive Workshop or a Automotive Parts distributor, make sure to contact us. We are looking for dealers in most European Countries and can offer you B2B Conditions.